Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program focuses on Academic Achievements of inner-city students from various communities within the districts we serve. Primarily we identify students that are taking interest in Construction Management, STEM degrees, and Entrepreneurship. This program allows our Industry Partners to invest in the future of underserved community youths’ education pursuits. It serves as a catalyst for Industry Partners to engage in the development of talent for potential leaders of their organization. This program allows our Industry Partners to invest in the educational pursuits of our youth in underserved communities.

Amount Given To Date


Re-Entry Program

Successful reentry programs give former offenders opportunities to support themselves through legitimate and productive work, reducing recidivism and improving public safety. America is faced with a reality where four out of every five individuals who leave prison will return at some point in the future. Having an effective reentry process that allows and incentivizes those leaving prison to become contributing members of society is essential for public safety.

Home Revitilization Program

Senior Home Repair

The Senior Home Repair Program assists seniors who are disadvantaged homeowners, providing them with essential repairs when they lack sufficient resources of their own. These homeowners often find that they need to make modifications to their homes to enable them to continue living in an independent, yet safe and functional environment, and with the help of our partners, we can accomplish this task!