The RBCA maintains very effective working relationship with state, municipal, and corporate leaders and their supplier diversity executives, elected and appointed officials for the support of African-American business development. Locally, statewide and in Washington, DC, we are constantly monitoring of pending legislation that might affect our member’s businesses, their growth and even their ability to conduct business. When legislation is being considered that affects our mission, the RBCA quickly mobilizes to work with key policy makers to support and ensure that every opportunity is available for the RBCA and its members.

Our Mission

The Regional Black Contractors Association’s mission is to advocate for and advance the development and growth of African-American owned businesses.

Our Values


The RBCA forms strong and consistent business relationships and is known throughout the region as a trusted partner by adhering to a high standard of moral and ethical principals.


Dedicated to “helping the community help itself,” the RBCA is not only an advocate for our members in Construction, but also in our Community.


Achieving business objectives with an emphasis on quality, time and budget.



The RBCA was incorporated in November 2014 by a small group of committed African American volunteer business leaders as the successor organization to the original Black Contractors Association which was founded in June of 2002.

Today, the RBCA is the premiere African American Construction Member Services organization in North Texas serving a membership base of 100 plus that includes:

  • Professional services and trades firms in the Construction Industry.
  • Owners
  • Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Management Firms
  • Subcontractors
  • Management Consultants
  • Training Organizations
  • Membership is open to all ethnicities and genders.
  • Relevancy

Systemic Exclusion

Evidence of the historical underutilization of African American construction industry professional services and trades firms, in both the Public and Private Sectors, is well documented. Published Total Spend with Minority and Women owned business enterprises (MWBEs) by North Texas Public Sector entities range between 28-34%. An analysis of the Total Spend by Ethicality and Gender reveals that Spend African American firms are in the 1-4% range.

The negative outcomes of such systemic exclusion include:

  • Limited business viability to business failure at the firm level.
  • Underemployment to unemployment at the individual level.
  • Increased social services costs at the City and County levels.
  • Limited tax base growth.

Our Solution

Today, the RBCA is the primary organization working on implementable solutions that enable the meaningful and sustainable inclusion of African American construction industry professional services and trades firms. The strategy includes direct engagement with owners and developers as well as general contractors and construction management firms.

The preferred Solutions Model includes:

  • Relationships with successful African American Primes.
  • Maintenance of a Subcontractor Pool.
  • Relationships with entities that assist Re-Entry populations in becoming candidates for employment.
  • Negotiating a specific scope of work for an African American Prime or JV:
    with the required financial resources, management capacity and related project experience.
    who have committed to the utilization of African American subcontractors.
  • Working with that Prime/JV entity to identify and qualify the specific subcontractors who have committed to hiring eligible re-entry candidates.
    By design, this Solutions Model (RBCA Model) focuses on resolving challenges at both firm and individual levels.