Project: 150659 – MDA CRB Parallel Gear and Generators

Project: 150659 – MDA CRB Parallel Gear and Generators

From:           Tim Blackstone, DPR Construction (


Project:        150659 – MDA CRB Parallel Gear and Generators


Architect:      Shah Smith & Associates, Inc.


Bid Date:          October 18, 2017 at 2:00PM



Project Description: 


DPR Construction is requesting pricing for MDA CRB Parallel Gear and Generators.

PROJECT SCOPE: There are seven (7) 1750 kW 3 phase 480 volt Caterpillar generators located on the second floor of the Clinical Research Building. These generators provide emergency/standby power to the CRB and Alkek Hospital building, an inpatient care facility. Remote roof top radiators that support the seven generators are to be replaced so that full load capacity can be utilized by each generator. Each generator’s radiator fan will be electrically controlled so that the radiator fans can operate without initiating a start for the generator. The project will not include a temporary generator. Therefore, phasing for the project will be required. Generators will be removed from service one at a time with the remainder of the generators remaining on line ready for emergency operation. The contractor will be required to coordinate each generator shutdown with Owner’s Operations and Maintenance groups and with the Owner’s Project Manager. 

The project scope also includes the following: 

  • Replace internal duct mounted exhaust fans for generators 
  • Renovate or replace generator exhaust pipe 
  • Add electrical paralleling switches with controls 
  • Replace load bank conductors 
  • Add IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras for Generator and Switchgear rooms 
  • Relocate Fan Coil Unit (an Alternate Scope of Work for which proposing is required)) 
  • Engine overhaul of seven generators 

NOTE: Contractor providing generator engine overhaul shall be certified by Caterpillar and offer a full factory warranty.

Provide resumes of the project manager and superintendent that will be directly involved in the Project for the mechanical, electrical, engine overhaul and plumbing subcontractors, including their experience with similar projects, the number of years with their respective firms, and their city(s) of residence. 


Bid Documents:


Bid documents are available to download by going to the following link:


DPR’s sample subcontract, which includes our insurance requirements, is included for review in the above box link. Please make sure to review this sample subcontract. 

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